Division into individual clients and business entities

Klienci indywidualni

Estate cases

Do you want to secure your rights to acquisition of the estate of close members of your family? A claim for legitimate portion has been filed against you by your siblings? Wondering how to pass your property to your relatives in the best way possible? Do you want to prevent any potential disputes among the heirs to your property? Would you like to make sure that your last will won’t be questioned? Get in touch with us. We’ll prepare a simulation of inheritance, a draft of the last will that will guarantee your resolutions are effective and binding, and we’ll handle your disputes concerning legitimate portion.

Family affairs

Are you planning a divorce, but don’t know how to write a petition for divorce and how to secure your interests in a case for partition of joint property? The court has awarded a too low amount of maintenance to you? Or perhaps the amount of maintenance you are to pay exceeds your earning capacity? The former spouse or partner makes it difficult for you to maintain the relationship with your child? Call us, we’ll handle your case.

Handling civil, labour, and administrative court cases

You have been dismissed unfairly? The insurance company has reduced the amount of damages you’ve been awarded? The neighbour is making it difficult for you to obtain a building permit? You’ve been sued? You’ve received a payment order or a default judgment? We’ll help you pursue your rights in court. Rely on the experience and professionalism of our team.

Criminal proceedings

Need a professional defence counsel? You have become a victim of a crime?  Get in touch with us. We’ll help you deal with your situation.

Legal advice in private matters

Are you planning to buy a flat on the primary or secondary market? Or maybe you’d like to sell a flat you got from your grandparents? It’s always advisable to consult making important decisions with a reliable lawyer. This way you can avoid unnecessary court disputes, and even lower the amount of tax obligations.