Division into individual clients and business entities

Podmioty gospodarcze

Establishing and reconstructing business entities

If you have an idea for a business but don’t know what to start from and what legal frame to adopt, or if you’d like to change your organization in certain way but don’t know how to do it Contact us and we’ll choose an organizational frame suited best to your needs, and walk you through all the formalities step by step.

Risk identification and legal advice relevant to the conducted business activity

Do you run a company but lose your time and energy on disputes with your clients and debt collection instead of focusing on doing business? Your company is developing, but you’re afraid you will not be able to evaluate the risk related to a new investment project on your own? Are you planning to carry out an unusual transaction of significant value? Get in touch with us. It’s what we deal with on a regular basis. We’ve helped many clients avoid making bad and costly business decisions.

Conducting negotiations and drawing up drafts of business agreements

Do you intend to conclude a major contract with a new client? Are you afraid you won’t be able to spot all catches in a new agreement? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Instead of looking for legal support when there is a problem, let yourself be helped by an experienced lawyer at an early stage already. Call us! It costs less than you think.

Securing the fulfilment of contractual obligations;

Do you want to engage in cooperation with a new business partner, but are afraid the partner will not fulfil their obligations? Has an inappropriately formulated agreement ever put you to a considerable expense? Get in touch with us! We’ll help you take care of your best interest. You’ll save both time and money.

Legal services in the scope of labour law

Do you run a company and employ people, but find it hard to keep up with the changes in labour law? A former employee has established a competitive business stealing your clients? Having trouble developing a suitable set of work or remuneration rules? Not sure how to dismiss an employee in accordance with the law? The National Labour Inspectorate has found some instances of irregularities in your company?  No audit or inspection will be a cause of concern for you if you decide to let us help you. We’ll help you develop employee records and secure your interests.

Protection of intellectual property rights

Proprietary copyrights, industrial property rights – patents, utility models, trademarks, and other instances of intellectual property may be of significant value. You’re aware of that, but don’t know how to protect your rights? You’d like to register a trademark for your company, but don’t know how? That’s why it’s really good to see to securing your interest in the best way possible!

Combating unfair competition

Has someone outbid you for your employee? Copied your publicity material or your service offer? Made fake products based on your designs? Or maybe you’ve fallen victim to industrial espionage? Call us!

Debt collection from clients from Poland and abroad

Do you run a company, but have trouble getting your money back from your debtors? Are your clients behind with payments, causing you trouble with maintaining financial liquidity? A client from abroad keeps on ignoring verdicts of a Polish court? Call us. We have a network of contacts to help you recover your money from almost every part the world.

Handling civil, labour, and administrative court cases

A client remains deaf to your arguments? Mediation and talks come to nothing? You’d like to file a lawsuit, but are not sure if you’re ready to handle the case yourself? Are you familiar with the notion of evidence preclusion? An employee has appealed to a labour court, questioning the received notice of termination of their employment contract? A suit requires knowledge and experience, and it’s easy to make a costly mistake? Play it safe! It’s better to have a professional handle with your case before a court.

Legal support in investment projects

Do you intend to develop your company? Purchase real estate? Take over a competing business? Investment projects require a careful preparation, and not just in terms of finance, but also law. You can trust us and rely on us. We’ll prepare all relevant agreement, check the legal status of real estate, help you obtain all of the required permits and licenses, and secure your interests in a newly formed company.

Protection of interests of business entities in criminal proceedings

You think your client is acting dishonestly in the performance of a contract concluded with you? Contact us and let us check if their acts are not instance of a criminal offence. We analyse each cases individually, develop appropriate notifications of suspicion of commitment of a criminal offence, and provide advice on how to support law enforcement authorities in collecting evidence. We represent victims in criminal proceedings, supporting prosecutors in their activities.